Lifestyle Change

I can’t call it going on a “diet” because its not something that I plan on stopping. So I call it a lifestyle change. The reason why I am announcing it on my website is that I feel it is more real for me I guess if I verbally say what I would like to do.

I am getting older now and I need to start working out. This is not going to be easy for me especially since I never work out and I hate sweating. But I will be working on this all winter and hopefully by summer I will see some changes!

My crazy ex-roommate

I have been online watching youtube videos about horror stories about roomies and honestly none of them hold a candle to the roomie I had.

When I moved in everything first seemed okay. I should have known there was an issue when she told me, “I hang out late with friends so I usually sleep during the day.” But I figured… hey we’re in our twenties she’s just a late sleeper. Wrong!!!

  • She would have people over starting from 11pm to 5 am. Downstairs in the garage but I could hear them. At first it wasn’t that bad since they were not in the apartment. I should have known this was going to build.

  • A few weeks later I see her and her boyfriend with the fridge from the kitchen and she’s telling me she’s moving it downstairs for her and her friends at night. Weird, but whatever I bought my own fridge and kept it in my room.

  • She had another roommate for the third room who had a major crush on my boyfriend and he was ALWAYS trying to get a peek of my boyfriend. It was odd, he was weird, and was just plain creepy.

  • One night I come home and I see her moving things from the garage downstairs to the living room. So I’m at a loss and she tells me that its summer its hot downstairs so she’s planning to have her friends up here. that’s when all the bullshit got WORSE. I had to be up early in the morning and they would be laughing, drinking, smoking super loud til the wee hours of the morning. I wanted to pull a Tanesha and start banging pots and pans like, “I didn’t get sleep cause of yall, yall aint gonna sleep cause of me!” LOL!

  • At that point I’m so ready to go. One night I open my door there’s a drunk girl standing there and she walks in my room trying to mumble some bullshit and the girl’s boyfriend had to come get her like, “Nahuh leave her alone she’s not here to party.”

  • Last straw was after another wild party, cops came, someone had a warrant and they were looking for him, my man was there and they didn’t know what the guy with the warrant looked like so he had a gun in his face. Yeah, it was time to go…

It was not funny back then but its hilarious to me now. Learning experiences right?